Smooth, soft and elastic – this is how well-cared-for normal and combination skin types look like, provided a thorough and daily care. Pay special attention to the choice of products, use them comprehensively to produce noticeable results and a fresh look and radiant face will become your calling card.

Set “Gentle cleansing and care”

Set “Gentle cleansing and care” let your skin look like after salon treatments.

The set includes:
Gentle gel cleanser. The base of this gentle gel cleanser is a soft natural cleansing agent with coco oil, which carefully cleans the skin and is good for daily use.
The extracts of lime flowers and aloe protect the skin against irritations and soothe it. The Abyssinian oil and Hyalurosmooth™ (extract of argan leaf) moistens and soften the skin actively.
Face mask. Face mask is softening and toning up. It gives the skin back its natural color and shine, its fresh look.
Due to the Abyssinian oil, jojoba oil, active components of Hyalurosmooth™ (a vegetable substitute for hyaluronic acid) and Elastan™ (extract of the African tree manilkara leaf) it moistens effectively even the deepest layers of the skin and quickly gives the skin back its resiliency and elasticity.

The vegetable extracts tone up the skin; saturate it with healthy matters and vitamins.
Face scrub. This scrub complex with sunflower seeds improves the skin microcirculation and evens out the skin tone. Olive oil and macadamia oil, which we add to the scrub, deeply moistens all layers of the skin, making it soft and shiny. The apricot seed oil and aloe extract speed up the cell regeneration, and the mint gives the sensation of freshness.

The active component Elastan™ (extract of the African tree manilkara leaf) gives the skin back its natural resiliency and elasticity.
Eye cream. Due to the African tree manilkara leaf extract, this cream renews effectively the elasticity of the skin around your eyes, preventing the appearance of premature wrinkles. The oils of cucumber and lime seed even out the skin tone, reducing the dark circles around your eyes. The Abyssinian oil deeply moistens the skin.

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