Dry skin requires considerably more care and additional moisture. Claire de Nature™ experts took care not only about proper nourishment, they paid attention also to protection from external negative factors, therefore they developed a range of effective products for the perfect dry skin care.

Set “Gentle cleansing and care”

Set “Gentle cleansing and care” let your skin look like after salon treatments.

The set includes:
Foaming facial cleanser. Based on the complex of AHA fruit acids, which nourish your skin both on the inside and outside. This complex exfoliates perfectly the dead cells and stimulate the collagen production. The Hyalurosmooth™ (a vegetable substitute for hyaluronic acid) and the snail slime extract deeply moisten and soften the skin, giving it back its natural elasticity and shine.
Face mask. The mask is developed specially for the dry skin; it contains only natural argan and shea oils, as well as a proprietary ingredient Irvinol™ (wild mango wax), which moisten even the driest skin deeply and effectively. The snail slime extract retains the moisture for a long time and restores the natural elasticity. The mango oil gives shine to the skin.
Face scrub. This scrub with sunflower seeds exfoliates gently the dead skin cells without leaving the sensation of overtightened and dry skin after using it.

Due to the natural extract of strawberries the tone of face evens out; and the extracts of sea-buckthorn and walnut tone up the skin and speed up the cell regeneration processes.

It mattifies perfectly and reduces the pores.
Eye cream. The argan oil gives protection against the negative influence of the environment; shea oil and the active component of Hyalurosmooth™ (a vegetable substitute for hyaluronic acid) moisten the skin intensively, giving it back its healthy color and resiliency.

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