Smooth, soft and elastic – this is how well-cared-for normal and combination skin types look like, provided a thorough and daily care. Pay special attention to the choice of products, use them comprehensively to produce noticeable results and a fresh look and radiant face will become your calling card.

Set “24-hours intensive care”

“24-hours intensive care” set – an ideal choice for face skin care during the whole day.

The set includes:
Foaming facial cleanser. Made with a soft soap base is developed for the gentle care of your face. The complex of AHA fruit acids exfoliates perfectly the dead cells and stimulate the collagen production, and the vegetable substitute for hyaluronic acid and the argan leaf extract moistens the skin effectively, giving it back its natural elasticity and softness.

The active component Arganyl™ (extract of argan leaf) protects the skin against the negative influence of the environment, helps it to struggle against daily stress.
Light day cream. Tenderly nourishes your face daylong, giving you the sensation of comfort and protecting against the negative influence of the environment.

It is developed with the base on the extracts of argan leaf and African tree manilkara leaf, wit addition of natural oils of olive, jojoba and macadamia; it perfectly moistens and softens the skin. The oils of cucumber and orange seeds mattify well the skin. The cream does not clog up the pores; the skin absorbs it quickly.
Night cream. The complex of oils and vegetable extracts used in this cream was developed specially to care the normal skin. The active component Hyalurosmooth™ moistens the face perfectly during the night, giving it a natural shine. Due to the extract of African tree manilkara leaf, the skin becomes more elastic and soft.

During the night, the cream saturates the skin with healthy matters, which give it back its natural perfect look.
Serum. Serum with orange seed oil and active components of Elastan™ (extract of the African tree manilkara leaf) and Hyalurosmooth™ (a vegetable substitute for hyaluronic acid) give the skin back its elasticity, softness, and natural shine. It is developed specially to enforce the effect of the other products. In order to reach the maximal effect we recommend you to use it before applying the cream.

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