For oily skin Products

Decorative cosmetics only hide the shine and problem areas on the face of oily skin types. Claire de Nature™ products for daily care of oily skin can remove flaws and prevent emerging of new ones, enhance the protective function of the skin and restore its natural balance.

Enlarged pores and excess sebum, redness or inflammation – flaws that clearly characterize oily skin type. Natural cosmetics based on organic ingredients is the only solution to eliminate skin imperfections and make it healthy and attractive.
Remember that the complex use of cosmetics greatly enhances their fantastic performance.

Cosmetics for oily skin are created for a thorough daily care. Action of active ingredients is aimed at the functioning normalization of oil glands and antibacterial effect. Light and delicate texture means no heavy feeling or effect of mask on the face.
Choose from a series of products for thorough cleaning, nutrition and protection taking into account individual needs.


Extracts of plants Oak rind/coltsfoot/bur-marigold/sage/elder/primrose/tutsan
Blue clay
Base fatty oils Coconut/poppy/grape and apricot seeds/almond seeds/jojoba oil
Arganyl™ extract of argan leaf
Betapur™ extract of boldo leaf

Gentle Gel Cleanser

Price:110.00 UAH

Not available

Foaming Facial Cleanser

Price:80.00 UAH

Not available


Price:75.00 UAH

Not available

Make-up remover milk

Price:60.00 UAH

Not available

Light Day Cream

Price:175.00 UAH

Not available

Night Cream

Price:170.00 UAH

Not available

Face Mask

Price:185.00 UAH

Not available

Face Scrub

Price:65.00 UAH

Not available


Price:100.00 UAH

Not available

Eye Cream

Price:70.00 UAH

Lip balm

Price:100.00 UAH

Not available

Set “24-hours intensive care”

Price:550.00 UAH

Not available

Set “Gentle cleansing and care”

Price:440.00 UAH

Not available