Choose the best products for complete care of normal and combination skin

Light Day Cream

175.00 UAH

A light cream, formulated on the basis of extracts of leaves of argan tree and African manilkara tree with the addition of natural oils – olive, jojoba and macadamia, perfectly moisturizes and softens your skin. Orange seed oil mattifies your skin well. The cream does not clog your pores and is quickly absorbed by the … Continue reading Light Day Cream

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Eye Cream

80.00 UAH

Due to the extract of leaves of African tree manilkara, the cream effectively renovates the elasticity of your eye contour skin, preventing premature wrinkles formation. The lime seed oil evens out the tone of your skin, reducing dark circles under the eyes. Abyssinian oil moisturizes deeply. Recommended for use twice per day: in the morning … Continue reading Eye Cream

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Gentle Gel Cleanser

110.00 UAH

Soft, natural washer containing Abyssinian oil gently cleanses your skin and may be used daily. The extracts of linden and aloe blossom sooth your skin and protect it from irritation. Abyssinian oil and Hyalurosmooth (herbal substitute for hyaluronic acid) actively moisturize and soften your skin. Spread enough cream-gel over your face and thoroughly clean with … Continue reading Gentle Gel Cleanser

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Face Mask

185.00 UAH

This softening and toning facial mask containing Abyssinian and jojoba oils, active ingredients Hyalurosmooth (herbal substitute for hyaluronic acid) and Elestan (the extract of leaves of African tree manilkara) effectively moisturize the deepest layers of your skin, quickly returning its’ elasticity. Recommended for use in the evening after careful cleansing of the skin. Use the … Continue reading Face Mask

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Make-up Remover Milk

60.00 UAH

Tender milk for make-up removing which contains natural oils of jojoba, apricot seed powder and Abyssinian oil perfectly removes even the most stubborn make-up without changing the pH of your skin or causing irritation and dryness. Due to olive and macadamia oils the milk moisturizes the skin, giving it a chance to breath after using … Continue reading Make-up Remover Milk

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Set “Gentle cleansing and care”

440.00 UAH

Set “Gentle cleansing and care” let your skin look like after salon treatments. The set includes: Gentle gel cleanser. The base of this gentle gel cleanser is a soft natural cleansing agent with coco oil, which carefully cleans the skin and is good for daily use. The extracts of lime flowers and aloe protect the … Continue reading Set “Gentle cleansing and care”

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Set “24-hours intensive care”

550.00 UAH

“24-hours intensive care” set – an ideal choice for face skin care during the whole day. The set includes: Foaming facial cleanser. Made with a soft soap base is developed for the gentle care of your face. The complex of AHA fruit acids exfoliates perfectly the dead cells and stimulate the collagen production, and the … Continue reading Set “24-hours intensive care”

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Night Cream

170.00 UAH

This cream containing complex based on vegetable extracts and combination of oils is intended for normal skin care. The active ingredient Hyalurosmooth perfectly moisturizes the facial skin in the night, giving it a natural shining.The extract of leaves of African tree manilkara makes your skin more elastic and soft. The cream nourishes it with nutrients … Continue reading Night Cream

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Foaming Facial Cleanser

80.00 UAH

Face washing foam on a soft washing basis was formulated to take care of your face. The complex of fruit ANA-acids perfectly exfoliate dead cells and stimulates the production of collagen, while the herbal substitute for hyaluronic acid and the extract of leaves of argan tree effectively moisturize your skin, giving it natural elasticity and … Continue reading Foaming Facial Cleanser

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100.00 UAH

This serum which contains orange seed powder and active ingredients Eléstan (extract of leaves of African tree manilkara) and Hyalurosmooth (herbal substitute for hyaluronic acid) gives your skin elasticity, softness and natural shining.The serum was formulated to improve the effect of other substances. To achieve the maximum effect, use before applying of a cream. The … Continue reading Serum

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Face Scrub

65.00 UAH

The scrubbing complex of sunflower wax improves the microcirculation of your skin, evening out the skin tone. Olive and macadamia oils deeply moisturize all layers of your skin, making it soft and shining. Apricot seed powder oil and aloe extract accelerate cell regeneration, while mint gives a feeling of freshness. The active ingredient Elestan (extract … Continue reading Face Scrub

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75.00 UAH

Cosmetic daily care product with the addition of vitamin E and Abyssinian oil perfectly tones your face, removing the residues of make-up and dust and deeply moisturizing the skin. The complex of plant extracts nourishes your skin with nutrients. The extracts of linden and aloe blossom soothe the skin, while mint disinfects it. Tonic perfectly … Continue reading Toner

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