For dry skin Products

Dry skin requires considerably more care and additional moisture. Claire de Nature™ experts took care not only about proper nourishment, they paid attention also to protection from external negative factors, therefore they developed a range of effective products for the perfect dry skin care.

Sloughing and constant unpleasant feeling of tightness, reduced elasticity and irritation – these are all signs of dry skin that does not get decent care. Care consists in constant moisture and nutrition.

Daily care combined with a comprehensive approach should be your good habits, as it is a guaranteed key to effective results.

Perfectly matched and balanced ingredients compose the complex of products for dry skin. They clean gently, actively nourish, prevent tightness and excessive drying, reduce inflammation and rejuvenate the skin.
Choose products of exclusive series to make your face flawless, fresh and radiant at any time of year.


Extracts of plants wild strawberries/sea buckthorn/sage/chamomille
Base fatty oils mango/avocado/shea/passion fruit/argan and abyssinian oil
Hyalurosmooth™ vegetable substitute for hyaluronic acid
Snail secretion extracts
Fruit АНА-acids complex

Face Scrub

Price:65.00 UAH


Price:100.00 UAH

Foaming Facial Cleanser

Price:80.00 UAH

Make-up Remover Oil

Price:105.00 UAH

Night Cream

Price:170.00 UAH

Set “24-hours intensive care”

Price:580.00 UAH

Not available

Set “Gentle cleansing and care”

Price:420.00 UAH

Not available

Face Mask

Price:170.00 UAH

Light Make-up Base

Price:175.00 UAH

Eye Cream

Price:80.00 UAH

Two-phase micellar water

Price:95.00 UAH

Lip balm

Price:100.00 UAH


Price:75.00 UAH

Not available