Decorative cosmetics only hide the shine and problem areas on the face of oily skin types. Claire de Nature™ products for daily care of oily skin can remove flaws and prevent emerging of new ones, enhance the protective function of the skin and restore its natural balance.

Set “Gentle cleansing and care”

Set “Gentle cleansing and care” let your skin look like after salon treatments.

The set includes:
Gentle gel cleanser. Gentle gel cleanser solves effectively all the problems of the oily skin. Its base is a soft natural cleansing agent with coco oil, which carefully cleans the skin and helps to regulate the activity of oil glands and to avoid the appearance of comedones.

The active component is Betapur™ (extract of boldo leaf), combined with the blue clay, it removes perfectly the excess of skin oil, evens out the skin tone and clears the black spots. Due to a complex of vegetable extracts, including those of oak rind, coltsfoot, and bur marigold, and to the Hyalurosmooth™ (a vegetable substitute for hyaluronic acid), the gel moistens the skin and gives the sensation of comfort.
Face mask. The complex of vegetable extracts and oils used in this mask was developed specially to solve effectively the oily skin problems. The apricot seed oil and poppy seed oil soothe the skin. The extracts of oak rind, sage and elder disinfect and degrease the skin, preventing the appearance of acne. The active component of the mask is Betapur™ (extract of boldo leaf); it evens out the skin tone, mattifies it and gives it back its natural shine.
Face scrub. Scrub complex with sunflower seeds improves the skin microcirculation, evens out the skin tone and helps to regulate the activity of oil glands. It contains the natural oils of jojoba and evening primrose, which give the skin back its resiliency and elasticity. The blue clay struggle perfectly against the black spots and excess of skin oil, mattify the skin. The argan leaf extract moistens it deeply. After using the scrub your skin looks renewed and well rested.
Eye cream. The natural oils of raisin-seed, almond seed, and jojoba quickly saturate the skin around your eyes with healthy matters and give it back its elasticity. The extracts of oak rind, sage, and elder even out the skin tone, make it velvety and reduce the dark circles around your eyes.

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